Membership Plugin: Post Permissions and get_posts();


I’m currently working on setting up the basic skeleton for a drip-feed system. Part of my plan is to include basic information about posts that have not yet been added to a user’s subscription. That way, they have an idea of what’s coming. I’ve tied each post to one another using meta data, in case their post_id’s do not match up.

This is the code I’m using to provide that functionality:

$posts = get_posts("cat=$this_category&meta_key=Linked Post&meta_value=$link_variable");
foreach ($posts as $linked_post) {
print($linked_post -> ID);
print($linked_post -> post_excerpt);

Membership will not let me get any data unless that post is part of the level rule that user is subscribed to. Is there anyway I can override this? I’m hoping to get this part done by tonight. Any help would be appreciated.