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hey i found this article and this is exactly how i want the page to be. Can someone set this up for me?

  • Ken Kimbrell
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Wiztech-

    I went ahead and applied the custom style to your membership plan and catered the colors more towards your theme. I took the blue and green from your logo and the orange from your theme color to style the membership plans. I added the custom CSS into a plugin called Simple CSS, it is a really light plugin and is great for storing your custom CSS. It can not be overwritten if you were to update your theme.

    You can locate the custom css by going to your wordpress dashboard and finding Appearance > Simple CSS. You can find a screenshot of the end result below:

    There is an important thing to remember in this CSS code right here:

    .ms-description {

    min-height: /***custom height here***/;


    Because your Basic Premium membership has more descriptions then other membership plans, I set this custom height based upon the longest membership plan. Or else they would be like a step ladder and not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you decide you want to reduce descriptions, you will need to adjust the height accordingly, roughly -38px per description removed. Also remember to wrap each description in paragraph tags when adding new ones. See example below:

    <p>This is a new description</p>

    Another option would to be list all descriptions on each membership the same and then add an ‘x’ icon to the descriptions that aren’t offered with this level of subscriptions and an ‘check’ icon to the descriptions that are added with that level of description. That way each membership displays evenly :slight_smile:

    Let me know how this works for you!

    Take Care,

    Ken – WPMU DEV Support

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