Membership Plugin problems...

I've been developing wordpress sites for my customers for about 3-4 years and designing websites for more than 10. I've probably spent 8 hours today on this plugin and cannot understand how to make it work for me.

I think my needs are pretty simple, this is what I'm looking for.

3 Levels of Membership which I've created.

1] Stranger Level which I call "Visitor". It's free and they have access to a small number of posts, but all pages.
2] Basic Subscription level. It's free, but they need to signup/register to gain access to a larger number of posts and all pages.
3] Premium level. It's a paid level which will last one year. They have access to the entire website.

The hiccup is that I want all headlines and excerpts visible to everyone. I only want the restriction to happen when people click on the headline.

I've created 3 shortcodes
basic subscription

I added the [premium] shortcode to a post and it didn't protect or hide any content but it messed up the layout of my page. It added the comments count and add comment to the right of the page and stripped the form.
I tried <!--more--> tag and that really messed up the page

Also, when you go to the Registration page, it shows the three levels but there is no form there, even though I have the form shortcode on the published page.

I'm very frustrated. Like I said, I hope it's just me missing some steps but I think I've tried every scenario.