Membership plugin – properly setting up rules

I need help properly setting up positive/negative rules in levels. I am using the plugin to create 8 different client only areas. Each of these areas are created with their own post category, one is Engagements (for an event planner) for example.

for the free (public) level

1. the positive rule is set to view all pages

2. the negative rule is set to Not view the post categories for each client area. Other categories are not selected.

For the Engagements level

1.the positive rule is set to see posts in the Engagements category

2. nothing in the negative rule

This worked until the client decided to blog. I thought by assigning all of her blog posts to their own category, this would work, but it seems that ALL blog posts are password protected. I’ve tried mixing around the rules, but can’t figure out how to make this work right. What to put in positive, what to put in negative.

How I would like this to work:

1. free/public sees all pages, all posts Not in special client only categories

2. Engagement clients see the above, but in addition they can view the posts in the Engagement categories

Thank you for your help!