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I need help properly setting up positive/negative rules in levels. I am using the plugin to create 8 different client only areas. Each of these areas are created with their own post category, one is Engagements (for an event planner) for example.

for the free (public) level

1. the positive rule is set to view all pages

2. the negative rule is set to Not view the post categories for each client area. Other categories are not selected.

For the Engagements level

1.the positive rule is set to see posts in the Engagements category

2. nothing in the negative rule

This worked until the client decided to blog. I thought by assigning all of her blog posts to their own category, this would work, but it seems that ALL blog posts are password protected. I’ve tried mixing around the rules, but can’t figure out how to make this work right. What to put in positive, what to put in negative.

How I would like this to work:

1. free/public sees all pages, all posts Not in special client only categories

2. Engagement clients see the above, but in addition they can view the posts in the Engagement categories

Thank you for your help!

  • DavidM
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    Hello diannaj,

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this. Hopefully we can get this straightened out quickly and easily.

    To begin, from what I see, it doesn’t really seem like you’ll need to specify any rules at all for the Engagements level, unless of course you’ve got other areas of the website you’d like to restrict access to. But without any rules, the Engagement level should have full access to standard and otherwise protected content areas.

    The categories thing might be a little tricky and I’ll see if I can get the developers to take a look into it as I tried to restrict access on categories on a test site and it didn’t work quite like it’s supposed to.

    Basically, it seems the category rules currently require category permalinks to be set to /%category%/ in the admin section at Settings > Permalinks. With that set, the articles under the restricted categories are indeed restricted, however they can still be seen in the respective blog pages and widgets where they would otherwise be seen.

    Like I said, though, I’ll see about getting the developers to take a look at the categories thing.



  • Barry
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    the positive rule is set to view all pages

    You don’t need this rule – the default is to see everything.

    Can you let us know what you have set in your options (screenshots help a lot) and maybe a screenshot of one or two of your levels so we can get an idea of what is going on.

  • diannaj
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    Actually, I have 8 member levels, other than the "free" public level. Yes, there is special content that should not be viewable to the public. That is the whole point of using this plugin. These are not paid subscriptions. They are client only pages for clients that have an event contract. I am not using the subscriptions at all. Just the member levels and then assigning the user with a member level.

    1. The public should view all pages

    2. The public should see the posts NOT in the special categories set up for each member level, of which Engagements is one of 8 categories. The public should view the clients blog posts in other words.

    4. The public should not be able to see the posts in the categories I have set up for the client only areas.

    5. The client with an event contract for an Engagement should see all of what the public can see except for the posts in the Engagements category.

    I reset the public/free member level and did not include pages in the positive rule. This looks like what you are instructing to do. Now, I can't access any of the protected posts when I log in as a user.

    I am attaching screenshots for the free level, the Engagements level settings, Permalinks and the options page.

    I am obviously missing something here… Please let me know how to properly set up. Thanks!


  • Barry
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    Sorry, lost track of this one – I’ve got a new beta version due out v. soon with some fixes which should make the setup a bit easier for models like this – keep an eye on the stickies at the top of the forum for when it is ready.

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