Membership plugin - public level not showing featured pages inside jquery slider

I'm customizing a theme from Elegant Themes called Nova for this project.

It has a features slider on the home page which I'm loading pages that have been set to 'featured'.

I've set up my membership plugin and have the public membership level which can see everything, except for special pages.

What's happening is that now, the home page slider isn't showing the top level pages that are set to be featured in this, instead it's putting a completely separate page, that's not set to being featured in this slider.

However, when I'm logged in as Admin, it shows up fine. Just not for members who are level 1 or public.

I really want to use this plugin for this job, so I hope this can be resolved.

seems like the permissions for those featured pages is not reading for the public user level.
I'm wondering if I messed something up along the way, and I need to just remove it, and start over. Perhaps activating the plugin before having all the pieces set up? Would that do this?

Thanks for any help!

  • DavidM

    Hi ddpWeb,

    I'm gonna go ahead and tag the developer on this as he'd know best where the issue may reside with this.

    Just to help get started though, the pages listed in the featured slider, are they being restricted by the Access Level you're using for those members?

    If those logged in members don't have access to view those particular pages, I imagine that's likely the issue with the slider.

    Also, just to clarify, when you're logged in as Admin, you won't be affected by Membership rules, you'll see the site without any restrictions. Thus, why you're able to see the site just fine as Admin.


  • ddpWeb

    Thanks David,

    Nope, that's why I'm posting this. I have two levels of membership. 1. Public and 2. Silver level membership - there will just be a few pages that this Silver level will be able to have access to on top of the rest of the site pages.

    I created the Public level for all 'strangers' or 'guest' users. And I've added all the menus, pages, posts, categories, comments, and more tags to the list, and checked ALL the boxes. Including the two Featured Pages which are being fed into this slider. The only pages not checked in the Public level access are the Promotional pages for those members. So theoretically, the Featured pages should show up in that slider.

    The slider is part of the Nova Theme (and not another plugin)

    One thing I should mention is that I started this whole process with the previous version of the premium plugin, which had issues with this version of WP 3.2. And when I upgraded, it upgraded with the free lite version. So I'm not sure if that messed anything up or not. It seemed weird, so I purchased the upgrade, which resolved some of the other issues I was having. But then I noticed this one.

    I hope it can get fixed. I've already put 20 hours into customizing this theme.

    Thanks for your help!

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