Membership Plugin Questions

I've finally found time to test the membership plugin to see how it work before making it available to supporters.

The site is WP 3.04 multi-site, BP 1.2.7 and have tried WP Membership 1.0.4 and 1.0.5.

I have the plugin installed per installation page. In supporter I have it set up as a Premium Plugin to auto activate for supporters. Every thing seems to be working on the main blog just fine.

I've set up another user account with its own blog and manually made it a supporter. Before I activated the membership plugin in the new user account nothing was there for the plugin but the ability to activate it in plugins. Once I activate it the only thing new I find is the widgets. There isn't any options for the new user account to set up its own membership. I'm not getting any error codes any where.

My understanding is each supporter is supposed to be able to set up there own membership site, isn't this correct?

What's wrong with my setup?