Membership Plugin Questions


I am confused a bit about setting up the Membership plugin.

My site is relatively simple. Only one level of members. A few “sales” pages that I want to be visible to the public (i.e. strangers). Different menus public and logged in members.

1. Must I use the shortcodes on all member pages in order to restrict them to members?

2. I have one level for memberships. But on the page whereat the instructions say there will be shortcodes for each level of membership, there are no shortcodes listed.

3. D I also have to do something with the URL groups? Or, are these in lieu of putting shortcodes on all member pages.

4. Will I get emails when someone successfully joins?

5. I am using a premium theme (cyberchimps Neuro) that has some sort of protection built in. When creating a page, you can designate the page as “private” or “public”. I am not sure, but I think it means a person must be logged in to view a “private” page. Do you have any comments on this?

I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

Jerry Perrich