Membership Plugin Questions - Setup, ETC

Ok. I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get my set-up to work seamlessly. And it's just not.

Can someone please guide me as to the best usage of the WPMU plugins to result in this setup:

I want to charge 'members' a fee to be able to create a directory listing which is hosted on a subdomain of my main site. (

Once they are members, they can post articles on the main site, submit calendar events on the main site, and have access to members only content on another subomain:

I want to offer at least two different paid membership levels. One where they only have a Directory Listing, and the other which his the full packaged.

I also want to have regular users/subscribers that can post and comment on the main site and the directory site.

I also want to implement the Affiliate plugin for members who refer other members who pay for their membership or Directory Listing.

I have been running into problems where a user doesn't complete registration on the Directory site, and then they have a login and can no longer access the sign up page to become a user.

I want the program to allow them to upgrade or downgrade as they see fit. I want it set up easily so that when they choose and pay for their membership level, they have roles defined and permissions granted on all of the sites of my network.

Is this too much to ask?

  • Kimberly


    Directory is set up to integrate with Affiliates so that's definitely not too much to ask.

    If you select to use Membership in Advanced Mode (selected upon startup, you can rerun the wizard from the Options panel and then click Membership>Membership to run again) you can go to Membership>Access Levels click on Advanced and scroll to the bottom to associate a role with a subscription and Voila! You can control who can make listings and who can't!
    Along with the regular positive or negative rules you can control their other activities as well.

    This way you can let membership control your registration. And you can create your Account and Subscription pages for users to visit and manage their accounts. :slight_smile:

    Is this in line with what you're asking?



  • Kimberly

    Hey there :slight_smile:

    You can't assign roles from accross sites, only to roles within the site you are creating the Membership Subscription for.

    For example, has a role "blogstar" and has role "blogguru" as well as membership. You can only assign the role from to the Membership level, not the "blogstar" role from

    Does this help?

    Please re-open if you need anything else! I'm glad to help :slight_smile:

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