Membership plugin RC2 - bug fix edition

Hi everyone

I've just uploaded the RC2 of the Membership plugin - it is available from the plugins page. This version is primarily a bug-fix release though it does have some additions to make things easier / more flexible hopefully.

Some changes:
- The plugin now has it's own config file to enable some plugin wide configuration changes - it is located in the membershipincludes/includes directory called membership-config.php, have a look at it I think the contents should be self-explanatory but basically you can now:
* determine the number of posts displayed in the admin rule
* determine the number of pages displayed in the admin rule
* configure the maximum price show in the subscription levels drop down
* decide if the comments negative rule hides the existing comments or not
* use a global table system (one set of membership rules across a whole MS install - this is experimental).

- shortcodes - the shortcode functionality now handles nested shortcodes amongst other things

- pages - ensured that all non-accessible pages are now never displayed (except for the subscription page if set) throughout the plugin.

- categories - if a user doesn't have access to a category then it will now not be visible on any category lists.

- bug fixes - In addition, I think i've covered most of the bugs that were listed in the previous RC1 thread here, if I've missed yours then please shout (loudly) so I can get them sorted before I add in the remaining functionality from my development version for the full release.