Membership Plugin: Remove BuddyPress registration form from initial registration

Ok, seems like a simple solution but I've tried fiddling with both registration.php files from BuddyPress (BP core and BP template files in my theme) to remove it from the registration page, but no luck.

Seems like the page / form is pulling / creating the information elsewhere.

I want the Membership plugin to strictly handle the registration process and worry about the BuddyPress profile fields after the user has successfully registered their account.

Anyone have a clue as how to do this?


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    Thanks for your response Brian, do you mean modifying the Membership or BuddyPress plugin?

    PHP + WordPress Plugin knowledge not a problem, just wasn't sure where the source of that page was because the wording on the page seems to be pulling from BuddyPress ie. "Registering for this site is easy, just fill in the fields below and we\'ll get a new account set up for you in no time." which I found in the BuddyPress registration.php files.

    Side Note: Once a user is fully registered (with Membership Plugin) basically going to enforce a redirect to the BuddyPress profile page where they would need to fill out all the *Required fields to gain full access to the member sections of the site (coding which I already created)

    So if you or anyone else knows the source file(s) of that initial registration signup page within the Membership Plugin (or BuddyPress), would be much appreciated. That's the page where I want to omit of the BuddyPress Registration form.

    Thanks again!

  • webdevcanada
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok, after clearing my head a bit, found the solution (works for me anyways).

    In case anyone else needs to remove the BP form from administration...

    Open file:

    Go to line 63 and modify this line to produce a false statement:
    <?php if ( bp_is_active( 'xprofile' ) ) : ?>

    I just used:
    <?php if ( ! bp_is_active( 'xprofile' ) ) : ?>

    Registration process was successful without the BuddyPress registration form!

    Thanks again.

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