Membership 2 Pro Plugin & REST API

Q1. Does the Membership 2 Pro plugin work natively with the WordPress REST API?

Q2. Can I remotely send customer data fields into the “Membership 2 Pro Area”, for specific individual wordpress users using the REST API (or alternative technique), remotely? I would want the customer to login to their WordPress members area to view the updated content, but it would only be visible to that specific member.

Q3. Can I remotely send customer specific files (e.g. PDF files) into the “Membership 2 Pro Area”, into specific Private Membership Pages, for specific individual customers using the REST API or alternative API? I need to do this with an API ideally or with FTP of the PDF files. I would not want to have to personally login each time.

Q4. Would WP Customer Area plugin be a better way of achieving this?

Q5. If it is not possible to automatically send data into the Membership 2 Pro plugin using the REST API, or an alternative method, then is there another way to send this data from an externally hosted database directly into the WordPress database for specific “Customer Area” customers?

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    Hi sparky,

    Hope you’re well?

    Unfortunately Membership doesn’t use REST API i’m afraid.

    It does have it’s own API which you could connect to with a script though, if you checkout the /docs folder in the membership2 plugin, there’s an excellent API guide in there for M2P

    With regards to attaching profile data, the profiles of members are part of the WP core itself, so using another plugin toadd the data & custom fileds or whatever would be fine. But could be tricky depending on what you use.

    Buddypress would be byfar the easiest option for custom fields in profile,you don’t have to enable the rest of the BP features.

    WP customer area plugin is not a plugin i’m familiar with, but from it’s description it sounds like that might work for what you’re wanting. Whether that can be used with REST API though is another matter. But could possibly be updated by using a CSV importer plugin, though you would need to be logged in then.

    I’m not familiar with REST API, but the following might help.

    Hope this helps

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