Membership plugin - restrict group creation?

I would like to restrict group creation to a certain membership level. How could I achieve this?

I've looked at the supporter plug-in but I need a free membership lvl and a paid for one so the membership plug-in seems to be the best option.

Also my currency isn't listed, ( 'R' South Africa ) would this be a case of paypal not supporting the currency yet?

Edit: If I restricted the uri group/create, could that work like protecting media?

nvm the url restriction isn't secure.

  • Nit3watch

    @Barry K I came right using the functions you provided.

    current_user_on_level( $level_id )
    current_user_on_subscription( $sub_id )

    could you help me here: If the premium member stops paying, what happens? Does it drop a level or go back to being a normal/free member?

    Also, so now Ive restricted group creation to lvl 2+, but if they were to stop paying they could still manage their group, I need this to be restricted too but I'm not sure what approach to take? Maybe restricting something in groups>admin.php? I think what would be best is a if statement restricting the group admin options being displayed if the user doesnt meet the required lvl, where about in the groups theme files is this?

    Edit: is it in bp-functions?

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