Membership Plugin Search by partial and other search features

Still hoping for an easier way to find members. When a member emails me with a support request, they don't always know their exact username or what email address they used. Either way, its embarrassing to ask. If United Airlines couldn't find me by my name, someone that I do know, always, they would spend more time hunting for records than money would allow. I am in the same jam. I either have to ask my member for more details, bad idea, or I have to scroll and scroll and click next and scroll and hunt and hunt. I need to the following to make this much easier:

1. Search by any part of the username, first or last name, or email address;
2. Add to the screen options the ability to view more, like on pages and posts, whereby I can view all (or max) records and not have to hit an arrow to the next;
3. I'd also like to be able to sort by any of the table headings. Imagine if I know its a new member and all I had to do was sort descending by date added or level expires. (hint: we need date added as a field in this table)

I won't take the time to beg for reports or the ability to export all member data to an excel sheet for well, accounting, marketing and so much more.