Membership Plugin – Shortcode Redirect Unwanted

I'm sure that has been asked/answered before but I'm not able to locate the answer.

I have a specific page set up with registration information. Let's call this "Editor". On the "Editor" page I have put the shortcode [subscriptionform] to show the information on the page itself (created normally in WP) AND the subscription popup. So I unselected the default pages so I do not have any pages selected in the options=>Membership Pages now.

However, when I visit the page, let's say the site is it redirects to the subscription or registration page. When I unselected the pages, the page where I put the [subscriptionform] code is blank and won't load.

I'm sure I'm missing something easy, but I've gone through the pdf several time to figure out what I'm doing wrong and I just can't place it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,