membership plugin subscription issue fixed


I had been having some trouble with the membership plugin subscription section not working as intended.
I was able to add subscriptions, however I could not edit, make active, make public or display them on the sign up form (even if I had edited the database manually to make them live and public)

I'd noticed a few questions on here around the same issue without a solution. What I found was that the subscription class was not passing the id to the constructor correctly. So, when trying to access any id it always returned false (which is why only adding subscriptions worked)

What I have done to fix this, is to edit the file /membership/membershipincludes/classes/class.subscription.php

line 40.

I have changed the function:

function M_Subscription( $id = false ) {


function M_Subscription( $id = false ) {

passing $id into the constructor and fixing all of my issues.

I hope this helps someone else out