Membership Plugin - thumbnail not showing, page from login

I'm officially 0 for 3 on the Membership plugin. This time a very simple setup. Restrict 1 page and toggle a few menu items. I'm also using the Events Manager plugin from Marcus Sykes. I am only restricting the Events page.
The membership level (VIP) has absolutely no restrictions, except for toggling a few menu items. When the member logs in and goes to the Events page, he does get access but for some reason the thumbnails in the "event" list for the the events don't show. If the admin logs in or the membership plugin is turned off, the thumbnails appear as they should.
What is causing this?
Also, when a member logs in they are dumped into a seemingly random page, in this case the Accounts page for my ecommerce store. Why doesn't it automatically send then to the Home page? (yes, I can use the redirect plugin, but this shouldn't happen in the first place).
I can give you quick access if needed.