Membership Plugin unable to see configuration

Problem: We can not see the Membership configuration inside the WP Dashboard menu and therefore are unable to make configuration changes.

How can we fix this?

We have a single site installation.

We are logged in as the administrator (let's call this admin1) that added the Membership plugin.

When we login we see the message on the top that says "You are logged in as a Membership Admin user, you will therefore see all protected content on this site."

We added the following line to wp-confog.php but it didn't fix the problem: define( 'MEMBERSHIP_MASTER_ADMIN', 'USERNAME');

When we go to Dashboard->WPMU DEV->Plugins and we click on "Configure" under the Membership plugin, we get a blank screen with the message "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."

How the problem started:
We added a level called "free access" that gives everyone access to all the pages. We did a BULK add and added this level to all pre-existing users that we had on the site before installing the membership plugin (by going to the all members section). When we did that it appears that the access level was given to the
admin1 account and somehow the admin1 rights were removed.

When we tried to login as admin1 we got the following message appeared "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." So we manually created a second administrator account (let's call it admin2) using PHPAdmin.
We logged in with admin2 and went to the user profile of admin1 and gave it the role of "administrator" . We can now login as admin1 but the problem still persists.

current settings in database for admin1:
wp_usermeta->wp_capabilities-> a:2:{s:13:"administrator";b:1;s:15:"membershipadmin";b:1;}

wp_usermeta->wp_user_level-> 10