Membership Plugin - unique 'subscribe' buttons?

Good Day everyone,
I'm a new member with WPMUdev and this is my first posted question :slight_smile: - many more to come I'm certain! I've read the forums and it looks like a great community.

About us:
We're setting up a small business that offers professional exam preparation products online - various pdf downloads, forum, online testing, and online flashcards. The membership plugin really interests us and is why I signed up. However, after reading through ALL the membership related posts on this forum I've got doubts as to whether we could implement the membership plugin so it makes sense with our business model's offers ...

Basically, We have 7 distinct offers to potential customers presented in the free teaser pages - each offer has its own page:
Offer 1. "Single 1" - pdf1 download, forum access
Offer 2. "Single 2" - pdf2 download, forum access
Offer 3. "Single 3" - pdf3 download, forum access
Offer 4. "Online 1" - online tests, forum access
Offer 5. "Online 2" - online flashcards, forum access
Offer 6. "ALL" - pdf1, pdf2, pdf3, forum access, online test, online flashcards
Offer 7. "Essentials" - pdf1, pdf2, pdf3, forum access
**each offer is on a separate page
**each offer is 3 months of "access"
**cannot show our site, still developing the web content

The membership plugin would allow us to provide customers 3 month access to downloads, forum and online tools by using 7 different membership levels allowing unique "access".However, we've got questions whether it can be integrated to our desired online business model.

Please view this online business' model for an idea of how we would want to implement the Membership Plugin with each of our 7 offers. The example model grants "access" (subscription) on a product by product basis -->

When the customer chooses to purchase one of the 7 offers (access/subscription) they should hit a button on the unique offer page. How can we have separate 'access' (subscribe) buttons for each offer (member level)? A button that sends them through the 3 step membership process but doesn't repeat ALL the subscriptions at step 2?

In sum, with 7 different offers on separate free content (teaser) pages the customer is already choosing the subscription/membership level. We don't want them to choose a specific offer and then have to re-choose the offer amongst all 7 offers at step 2 of the generic 3 step process provided by the membership plugin!

Any help would be really appreciated, and I'm determined to find out!

Thanks in advance,