Membership plugin w/BP - register redirecting incorrectly & not able to create new blogs

Hi guys,

A few troublesome issues that I've come across whilst using the membership plugin with WP Multisite 3.1.3 and BuddyPress 1.2.8

- Firstly, I setup the registration page as requested. Originally I set it up as /register but this was just looping round back to the homepage. I thought this obviously was just a conflict with the BP registration page. Should I be expecting the membership plugin to automatically redirect access to /register to the new registration page? As although I've now changed the registration page slug, it's still looping round to the homepage if I try to access /register

- Secondly, the setup I'm using will ideally be very similar to the pay-to-blog plugin, but with all the additional features of membership. Ie, pay at registration, receive a blog, but also restrict different features to certain types of membership packages... the underlying condition is that everyone has to pay to register in the first place. I'm struggling to be able to set this up at all. Perhaps I'm missing something? Currently everything works ok (registration, payment etc) but it only registers people to the main blog without giving them an option to setup a blog.

In order to combat this, I've tried 'allowing logged in users to register blogs' which seemed like a smart move until said user clicked on the option to set up a blog in their dashboard. It wanted to link them to the /register page to get the blog but that (as per the first point) was subsequently only linking through to the homepage!!

I've seen the option within the membership plugin to allow my different member levels to set up blogs (and how many) or not, but it hasn't seemed to have changed anything at all.

I've scoured the forums here but cannot seem to find a solution...if someone is able to add some guidance, it would be a big big help

Thank you