Membership pluging messing up home page

Im having a problem with my membership plugin.

When I enable the plugin, it kind of destroys my homepage. when i turn it off, the homepage shows up just fine.

I have a stranger level enabled. I can block certain pages, post, tags, categories. But I cant set it to show the home page normally. Ive taken out all the positive and negative rules, same thing happens. ive disabled the stranger level, same thing happens.

if i use the membership beta, the whole home page is blocked no matter what i do as well.

the url is:

i only have a few days to get this issue resolved, any help would be nice.

the sidebar on the home page is a custom side bar. im not sure if that would be messing up anything.
but if you notice, the side bar is at the bottom, its suppose to show up next to the video. also, there is a title header of "Ambassador" that links to an "info box" (custom post type) posting. I have no clue why its doing this, but its not suppose to be happening.

if any one can help me with this, id greatly appreciate it. I have a deadline that will be here in a few days, i really need to get this going as soon as possible. there is A LOT of work that needs to be done after I get this thing working straight.