[Membership Premium] Adding Log In Box


I am setting up a membership page for a large organization with 50+ members. I have followed along exactly to the online instructions for the Membership Premium Plug In for Wordpress 3.1, and it sounds like it will do exactly what I want. {own web business}

I have set up 3 levels:
- general (access to everything on the site, except member area)
- members (only available for members - a private password protected area - need user name & password to log in)
- vip_members (private area for 'special' members)

This will be a site basically for General users (anyone: strangers) to view information and a Member section, where only members can view, download, print information.

On the "Member Area" Page - I want to have a log in box so a member can log in with their user name & password. (I don't want general users to register ~ this is not needed as this section will be available to just "members" of this organization ~ no one else).

I'm not sure but must be missing something - because I can't figure out how to get the log in box on the Member area page.

I also think I may need help in getting everything set up ; can anyone please help ?

Can any one please help and urgently...I really need your help with this....Many thanks.