Membership Premium appears to cronk my META widget

My Membership Premium plugin appears to cronk the rendering of my META widget.

When Membership Premium is not activated, the META widget operates normally.

When Membership Premium is activated, them META widget renders the following code for two common links:

My Account

The code as written is EXACTLY how it renders in the page. I've tried using META, and the CUSTOM META WIDGET plugin and exactly the same thing happens.

You can see the issue at:

  • EdwardMartinIII

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry if I wasn't more specific.

    Consider the META widget in Wordpress: You place it in a sidebar and then on the site, you can see links to "My Account" and "Log out" and so forth. If you're logged out, you can see links to "Register" and "Log in" and so forth.

    On a working site, these links, well, they work.

    On my site, they work -- when I deactivate Membership.

    When I activate Membership, these links stop being rendered somewhere in the process.

    You can see that if you look at the code (or do an Inspect Element) on those links.

    I scrolled up to my question and of course, the parser behind the board software has attempted to parse my code examples. Darn thing.

    I'll try again using the code tags...

    Without Membership activated, this is how the Site Admin link looks:

    <a href="">Site Admin</a>

    with Membership activated, this is how it looks:

    <a href>Site Admin</a>

    There is something going on in the code render and I've narrowed it down to the Membership plug-in.

    Does that explain it any better, sir?



  • Mike

    Hi @EdwardMartinIII

    Right ok, that makes more sense, thanks!

    Membership does 'replace' the Wordpress registration and login so that it can control access, this is probably what is going on here.

    Are only certain links affected? Are you using the stock Wordpress widget or another?

    Can you add the links manually? In the Membership settings there should be a tab where you set the Membership Pages, there you will see a list of all the pages that Membership uses, you could directly link to these.


  • EdwardMartinIII

    Well, I just spent a couple hours down the rabbit hole...

    Trying to troubleshoot the "Register link doesn't work" thing showed me that my settings in Membership >> Options >> Membership Pages was a bit messed up.

    After building a variety of pages, I can say that the Register and My Account pages work perfectly fine.

    Thanks for the hints, Mike -- that solved that issue nicely!



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