Membership Premium: "Pay What You Want" subscription method?


Most are probably familiar with the concept of allowing online users the ability to pay what they want to pay for things like a music download, or to make a "donation" in the amount that they see fit in order to access something online.

I want to offer a Membership subscription level this way, allowing the member to provide the dollar amount they are willing to pay for the subscription. It would also be helpful to ensure a minimum amount of $1, for example.

Can anyone imagine a way to accomplish this in conjunction with Membership Premium? Any good ideas shall receive excellent karma from an appreciative WP admin :slight_smile:

I do realize that we could simply set up multiple subscriptions as $1, $3, $5, etc. But we would like to use a different psychology with this if possible. We would like members to have to examine their choice more internally than showing them dollar amounts.



  • Tyler Postle

    Hey James,

    Hope the day is going well for you!

    Funny you mention this because I had another member ask this yesterday. Hopefully that keeps up then we can get it developed :slight_smile:

    In the meantime, we could possibly do a workaround with Fundraiser. It would require some manual setup on your behalf as well though. You could setup "fundraisers" for each membership then have them donate to the one they want and that way you know which one they want and can apply that to their user. It's definitely a bit outside the box, but perhaps it could work for you :slight_smile:

    You could change the wording on a lot of the fundraiser setup to match Membership more closely.

    Another option could be to use Gravity Forms. They accept donations with their PayPal add-on:

    I've never set up this exact situation before; however, you could have a select field where they select the membership they want and based on that selection you have a conditional redirect at submission that sends them to the sign up url for that specific membership. Don't publicly link to the descriptions anywhere else on the site so they have to go through the form to get redirected to it.

    Include the donations form here too. Again, I've never tried this out myself, but it seems like it would work :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps! I've got this marked as a feature request now too.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,

  • James Wolfensberger

    Hi Tyler - thanks very much... I'd never noticed Fundraiser before. Nice!

    I realize we're just talking concepts here, but can you help me understand something about your idea... presently a site visitor goes to the subscriptions page where the Membership subscription(s) are offered; they then click the Sign Up button next to that subscription option and are taken to registration.

    If we try to tie in Fundraiser, how do you imagine the flow of the signup? Would I edit my subscription page and place the Fundraiser options at the top so that the Membership subscriptions (via the plugin) appear beneath the Fundraiser options? And I don't follow how the visitor gets from choosing a Fundraiser donation to filling in a registration form - or are we saying that they would make a donation and then we manually apply their access level via Membership - or is there some way to transition them from making a donation right into the registration page?

    I really appreciate your help and I realize we're talking about something that hasn't been done before - I know there could still be some gotchas. I just want to make sure I am starting off on the right foot.


  • James Wolfensberger

    Thanks, @Ashok - no worries. In case anyone else searches this topic in the future, I'll share how we're going to accomplish a "Pay What You Want" subscription model while using only native Membership functionality. Some might feel that this is a bit overwrought, but we think it will work for us.

    We're simply naming our Subscription plans appropriately and offering more options. While the subscriber does NOT have the option of just typing in a dollar amount to pay, they have several options to choose "what they want to pay" for the exact same service.

    See attached image.

    But I would also love to see a "Pay What You Want" option built into Membership. This PWYW concept seems to have caught on for a lot of online content models.

    Thanks to all! Marking "resolved."


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