Membership Premium upgrade issues

I have recently updated Wordpress to the latest version and although I did not plan to upgrade Membership Premium (MP) due to the modifications described here ( - please read this post first) that were at risk of being overwritten, I was forced to because after the Wordpress update all my Members disappeared. I read that this could only be fixed by updating MP which I did and then of course the modifications that were undertaken by Hoang Ngo in the above post now do not function. My site needs the payment gateway de-coupled from MP so that after a new Member signs up no subscription is automatically allocated and the potential member is forwarded to the Woocommerce shop (more specifically to /product-category/membership/) to pay for their membership. Once their payment comes through the subscription is added manually. The website is located at however we have a development site that will allow for testing before applying the final fix to the live site. The development site is located at The development site has the latest version of Membership installed so all Members are visible but the above described registration process is not functioning as it should. The live site still has the older version of MP installed and so its member list is not visible. My hope is that we can solve the issue on the dev site before applying the same fix to the live site. I can provide admin access and ftp privately - please notify me of the best email address to send these details to.