Membership Premium: User is permitted to register for site without paying.


When a site visitor decides to subscribe for membership at they will have the opportunity to choose one subscription level "Premium Membership."

After selecting that membership level (which is $30), they are next prompted to create account details.

Once account details are entered, the subscriber immediately is logged in and has an account. When the payment screen next appears, they can abandon the process and become a registered site member.

If the person does not pay, we don't want them to have an account at all.

How can this be corrected?

If you want to go through the steps and then abandon the process at the payment screen to test this, use invite code admintest when you sign up at

By the way, I do have the default subscription for registered users set to "none," but this doesn't seem to have anything to do with the fact that upon setting up their account (which happens prior to paying), they can abandon the payment process, obtain a registered account, and still access some aspects of their BuddyPress profile.

I'm also opening support access. Thank you for your help.