{Membership Pro 2} All Paypal integrations seem to require Paypal account

I have a simple membership site where customers can buy a single product and than gain access to it on the site. For some reason setting up the payment gateway has been the most time consuming part of the whole thing.

I confirmed the payment button I have set up doesn’t require Paypal account. You can check out as a guest and not be forced to set up a paypal account in order to make a purchase. But if I just link the button, the user account on the site isn’t automatically created. If I integrate with membership pro 2, it takes them to a page that forces them to set up a paypal account. If I use Paypal simple integration, it does the same thing. And evidently if I upgrade to Paypal Payments Pro, all of a sudden the plugin no longer supports my gateway.

Any insight into how to set this up is much appreciated.