Membership pro 2 and Social login by miniorange

Hi guys, I would like to use membership pro, but I really like the login option of “Social Login, Social Sharing by miniOrange” which allows my clients to log in with facebook and the plugin gaves me facebook information insights. How can I combine the login with that plugin with the membership pro?


  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    Hello Ines,

    I hope you are well today.

    Since Social Login, Social Sharing by miniOrange supports automatic user registration this is quite possible. However, you will need to define a Default Membership that all members fall into upon registration.

    Once their user account is created using the Social Login plugin, they can join any membership defined on your site. Since Social Login supports redirecting to a specific page, you could create a protected page that is only accessible to your Default Membership which displays all memberships available on the site. Then, place some text on there prompting them to select/pay for their desired membership level.

    To create a Default Membership, go to Admin -> Membership 2 -> Memberships -> Add New Membership and select the Default Membership option.

    I hope that clarifies a bit. Let us know if you have any further questions. We’ll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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