Membership Pro 2 Causing Redirects

I’m having a redirect issue only on a page with both Membership Pro and NextGen Gallery Search Pro being used. The issue is that with both plugins activated, there occurs a redirect issue on my gallery page (which is also password protected using Membership Pro). I have contacted the developer of the plugin which is interfering: WP NextGen Gallery Search Pro and he states that he’s never seen this before.

I was doing some more digging on your support site and found another guy having the same issue as me with a redirect loop using Memberhsip Pro:

Do you think you guys could take a look and see what might be causing that? I can also provide FTP if need be. I’ve provided your support access to this site. This is a testing server and I’ve enabled support access, feel free to do anything you want on it.

This is the page with the nextgen search and gallery shortcode on it. This is the page causing issues:

Thank you so much!!!