Membership Pro 2 having trouble with Read More tag posts

So I have a multisite setup for a school which is completely private (but free to all parents/subscribers) using Membership Pro 2. It's been up for 3 months or so now. Everything seems good except my teachers/bloggers (with editor permission) have just started to use the "Read More" tag in their posts. The editors (and admin) can see the "Read More" link and click on it but the readers (subscribers) cannot even see the link to click on it... the post just ends. And on one of the sites, the blog will not show any of the post (not even the beginning summary) to subscribers if it has a "Read More" tag in the post... it seems like it has not been posted even though it has and editors can see it. Also (this is probably related although I don't know how) there is something that appears in the same blog (the one that won't show any of the "Read More" posts) that looks like just a title of a post. There is no post even as a draft by the name and the post is empty - it's just the title. The title happens to be the name of the site. This "post" is only visible to subscribers (not even super admin sees it on the blog or dashboard) and when you click on the title it directs the subscriber to a 404 page. I have asked editors to not use the "Read More" tag and every post without the Read More tag is posting fine. That's as much as I have been able to figure out so far. Any ideas as to what's happening or suggestions as to what to do next?