Membership Pro 2 not compatible with theme

We are using Headway as our theme builder. We are looking to use the Membership 2 Pro for a membership service but we are running into the fact that the css resources are not loading on the overview/payment page.

If you go to, select a paid membership, put some details in, and on the next page that has the overview and link to paypal does not load the stylesheets for the theme.

If the page looks good, reload it a few times and all styles will eventually disappear. I have uploaded a screenshot of what it looks like. Pulling up the console it says that the css elements are not loading, but the links are correct when you go to it.

I have contacted Headway and since it is only on this page with your plugin they said that you need to be contacted. We hope to use your plugin, but would definitely not work if the stylesheets do not load. Is there anything you can see that we can do to fix this issue?