membership pro 2 plug in and stripe gateway

Hi gents

You have both given me crucial help with setting up the plug ins to get my business of the ground.

I aim to go live next week and have mates of mine join as live customers before opening to the general public.

Stripe and membership pro 2
1. I used a test (sandbox mode in membership pro 2 and stripe plan called Individual MLC membership). In membership pro 2 the membership was set up exactly how I want it named Individual MLC membership.
I tested recurring daily payments of 50p and it worked yesterday and today in terms of everything from the client journey to the actual collection of the funds.
I have now deleted the customers and the plan and set up a new plan in live mode on stripe using exactly the same name (Individual MLC membership) as the testing worked perfectly.
2. In my wordpress site using membership pro 2 - the stripe subscriptions gateway - I have moved it to "live" in word press and underneath it says payment button label or URL - it was blank am I ok leaving this blank? It was when I was in test mode and that worked.

3. In stripe Ive created a plan in the live section which has exactly the same name as the trial membership (Individual MLC Membership). I've deleted the trial membership name so it is only used in the live section of stripe.

4. Ive cleared my cache and cookies and turned off the memberships and stripe gateway and reloaded.

5. How do I know that the Individual MLC Membership in membership pro 2 has connected with my stripe plan Individual MLC membership in stripe to allow live genuine payments?

Hoping to test it with some of my mates as live customers next week that is all.