Membership Pro 2: Trouble logging in through protected content pages

Hi, hope all is well,

I am having some trouble viewing pages that are marked as protected if I attempt to login through the form on the protected page. Currently, pages with protected content will show a login form for users that are site visitors and who do not yet have the 'players' role, however, if someone that has this role attempts to login through that form, they are taken to another page with that same form. There is a separate menu link for members to log in, which works as expected, but for whatever reason, logging in through the protected page form redirects to a different form, preventing users from logging in.

For example, the page:
,or any protected page for that matter,
redirects to:

I've enabled support on the WPMU dashboard, but do you happen to know what I'm doing wrong with the user roles/permissions?

Please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks!