Membership Pro - All Active Members moved to Expired Members - why

First all - I want to make it very clear that I HATE this plugin. I have had problems with it since you moved from the old Membership Pro. And the fact that I have to 19.00 to fix an already broken plugin makes it even more frustrating.
Members Only Access level has been set to Permanent Access. It is a free membership site in that the organization pays it's dues through another process. So the members should have permanent access which is the way it is set.
However, the plugin has moved all members to expired. How do I move them all back to Active? All Members were correctly assigned to the Members Only Group
We are using this plugin to restrict access to the Events Calendar where registered members purchase tickets for the luncheon next week. However, they can't do that since their membership has been canceled.
How do I permanently move members to active status as the structure says "Permanent Access"?
Meanwhile, I will start looking for a plugin that has a better support system.