Membership Pro and CoursePress Pro

I'm in the process of building a site that will sell educational courses. I'm using CoursePress Pro to set up the courses. These courses will have a one-off cost for each course.
I'd like the option of selling a site-wide membership that gives the person access to all the courses for the cost of a monthly membership.
So there would be two options - buy individual courses, or buy a monthly subscription that gives access to all the courses.
Is it possible to set this up using Membership Pro? I can see that I have the option of adding pages, posts, categories etc to the various levels of membership. How would I add a full course?
What I'd like to accomplish is having a main page dashboard that my monthly subscription members sign into that lists all the courses that are available to them. They'd then click on the course they want to take.
Is this possible using the two plugins together?