Membership Pro and Easy Digital Downloads registration

Hi, I am using Membership Pro and the Marketify Marketplace theme with Easy Digital Downloads Front end submissions for Physical and Digital products. I am also am using MLM Unilevel Pro (an affiliate network plugin).

I have configured Membership Pro and it seems to work just find with MLM Unilevel Pro, as far as registration is concerned. It however does not seem to be protecting the MLM Unilevel Pro's content, which actually doesn't matter because it is included in the features of even a user who has a free account. I believe the only reason that logged out users can not access the Unilevel MLM page is because I have blocked the visibility in the Appearance >> Menu section.

My main concern is that when I register users they are not registered as a Vendor of the site which would allow them to do Front End submissions. The only way I can currently change this is by editing the roles of users manually. So my question is can someone give me some information about how to synchronize Membership Pro with both Easy Digital Downloads and MLM Unilevel Pro? Or could someone refer me to a plugin that automatically registers someone who signs up to multiple roles. I have tried the User Roles plugin and it works for changing individual user roles manually, but it doesn't seem to be working to set default roles as a whole for any user that registers. Even when I set default roles and then try a test sign up, the new user still ends up having no default roles. Thanks in advance.