Membership Pro: How can I filter members to see those with no subscription or access level?


I am hoping for a method to filter or search for Membership accounts who have no subscription level (or membership level), so that they can be deleted in bulk.

There is no filter for this that I can find in the Edit Membership admin area. In the attached screen snapshot, you will see an example of two accounts in the list whose subscription expired, but the accounts are listed as Active and there is no subscription or level.

How would I query to view these accounts with no subscription/level so that I could delete them? Obstacles:

1. Neither Subscription nor Membership Level are sortable columns (actually no columns in Edit Members are sortable apparently).

2. Users cannot be deleted via the Edit Members area, requiring the admin to utilize the WordPress Users area. So it is now necessary to scan hundreds of members in the Edit Members area, identify the names of accounts with no subscription, then proceed to the Network Users area and search for the non-subscribers so that they may be deleted.

3. In the Network Users admin area of WordPress, there is no reference to Subscription/Level - again no way to sort or identify members regarding their Membership Pro status.

Thanks for any help or insight!


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @James Wolfensberger, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    After a good deal of digging into this, I think I've got just the answer for you.

    I noticed that there's the Admin Columns plugin available:

    Which would allow you to create your own custom admin columns inside the All Users page.

    After I went to:

    Settings -> Admin Columns

    And clicked on "Users" in the "Others" section, I created a "Custom Field" column set to the "_membership_key" custom field (I called my column "Membership Key").

    Once the settings were saved (by clicking on the "Update Users" button on the right side of the page), I went back to All Users, and saw my newly created column. :slight_smile:

    Now, it appears that only the Pro version has the ability to sort columns (drat!). But, you will be able to tell which users don't have a subscription, as they won't have any information in the "Membership Key" field created.

    Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • James Wolfensberger

    Thanks Michael. I appreciate the research and the Pro version would definitely do the trick.

    Before I spend the $80, a few questions -

    1. Do you know how Membership Pro is intended to cope with purging off accounts that do not have a membership subscription associated with them? Meaning, is it something that is just sort of "missing," or is there something that will trigger an account to switch from "Active" to "Inactive" - a lapse of time?

    2. Would it be possible to create a function or script that would examine the accounts and if a membership_key is missing, switch the account to "Inactive?" Since I can filter All Members by active versus inactive, accounts without keys switched to "inactive" would make this whole thing so easy and $80 cheaper :slight_smile:

    3. What is in the pipeline for the "Membership Pro vs. Protected Content" situation? Will Protected Content be developed to a point at which it readily converts a Membership Pro configuration to a Protected Content configuration? I tried Protected Content when it first came out and found it lacking in some areas where Membership Pro excels.

    4. Does the "Protected Content" plugin handle the relationship between WordPress user accounts and membership levels in a more integrated manner? I can't recall from our test last year.

    Thanks for your help and insight!


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @James Wolfensberger,

    #1: When a member's subscription expires, they lose access to the content that the subscription provided (as the subscription is no longer associated with them), but they're not deleted from the site.

    #2: I would think it possible, but the development of a "auto-deactivate" feature would be something more suited for the Jobs Board:

    #3: Protected Content presently has an importer for the various aspects of Membership Pro, such as:

    - Subscription Plans (without level rules)
    - Members
    - Registrations (link between Members and Subscription Plans)
    - Transactions

    But as to other aspects, that wouldn't be my place to say (I'm the friendly neighborhood mechanic that works with the cars that are made, I don't build the cars myself). :slight_smile:

    #4: What would your definition of "a more integrated manner" mean here, care to elaborate?

    Kind Regards,

  • astUtemy

    Hey @Michael Bissett
    This solution is FINALLY seeming to work for me but now with Membership Pro 2, I cannot seem to find the right key to show in the Membership Key custom field. When I use anything with ms or the key you suggested above which I think is MP1, I can't get any consistent data to show. I see 1 or true next to people that have memberships and people that don't. Any idea what key is the right one to show the actual subscription they have? and if active?

  • Michael Bissett


    You're right, this thread was for Membership Pro, your question would actually be better addressed in a new thread, given that you're referring to Membership 2 Pro.

    I'll be closing this thread here, but if you can open a new thread for Membership 2 Pro, we'd be glad to discuss this further:

    Kind Regards,

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