Membership Pro plugin conflicts with theme


This issue is very urgent as we should already have delivered the website and this problem is the only (but critical) issue keeping us from delivering.

I'm not being able to give access to pages for members.
By going to the Full Access access level you can see that the Workout Videos page is enabled in the Positive Rules. However when trying to access that page (under the Account menu item) the page is not accessible.
There is a Negative rule to this page on the Visitor access level, but even without it this problem is still there.

Also, if we hit the questions page: under the full access level we go to the Account page which is wrong. If not logged in it goes to the appropriate page.

Michael from WPMU on Live Support has been looking at this issue and suggested we switched to the default WordPress theme, where this works, so it's definitely a conflict with the Enfold theme. We'll also submit to the theme author, but I'm sure you'll be more prepared to help us.

Tried removing all the membership tables and rebuild them but that didn't work.
Tried disabling all other plugins but didn't work either.

We've tried with the Protected Content plugin before and were experiencing other issues such as not going to the right pages in the subscription flow.