Membership, Pro Sites, Affiliates, Pay Per View - Better Support for Europeans


you really make awesome Plugins, they are well coded and with a lot of great ideas, but we can´t use them out of the box in Europe (there are 740.000.000 people in Europe, a third of them well situated. If just 0.01% of them using websites, it is a potential of 2.5 Millions). And the usage of WordPress ascends here, too. You don´t find a lot of websites which uses this fantastic features. What this means, the europeans are in Stone Age, but they wanna earn money, too.
We definitely need the possibility to set a vat-rate and to send an customize invoice with our company datas and a continuous invoice number. If we don´t want to come to jail, we can´t sell anything, if we don´t do this.. ; )

Is there any chance to become this 2 very important features, please ?

Another idea for Pay Per View: The possibility to set an author for every blocked content and a rate for this author for every purchase that automatically will be added to his/her account. On this way you can give guest authors the possibility to write texts without any technical skills and earn money with it. This will be great for a good knowledge Network.

Best regards