Membership + Pro Sites + Monthly reoccurring fees

Hi, I’m a newbe here & want to run a use case by you to get your opinion on the best way to go about creating it… here’s my scenario…

We’re setting up an online magazine where users can subscribe for a monthly fee. A paying subscriber will be able to access content on the main site AND we want them to be able to create their own site in our network.

Ideally we’d like to have automatically reoccurring billing (through a payment gateway) so that it’s as automated as possible.

My specific question is… do I have users sign up through Pro Sites, then some how loop them into Membership, or vice versa? Also, how can I get Pro Sites & Membership to synch up so that my users have one integrated signup experience?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Kimberly
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    Hi and Welcome to WPMUdev Community!

    Currently Membership and ProSites do not integrate, but we are working on that to be a possibility in a future release :slight_smile:

    You can look into using something like our Pay Per View pluign to handle viewership. Just an alternative if you don’t need full fledged membership capability.

    ProSites is a recurring subscription payment,so you may want to find a way to have your users who just want content to pay a one time fee then renew it themselves, while giving ProSite users access to all content as well as a site. This would keep billing simple as you cannot roll both into one automatically.

    Or you can create the first level of the subscription to include a basic site with no extra features (taking advantage of the default free site in ProSites) to give your content only users a teaser incase they are interested. May help sales :slight_smile:

    Your thoughts?

  • russcannizzaro
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    Thanks for your response!

    Can we do automated monthly billing through Membership (or is there another plugin that will interface with Membership to do this)?

    I saw this thread on your forums ( & am considering the approach someone mentioned there.

    Please tell me if you see inherent issues with this approach:

    – Users sign up through Membership for one of 3 member levels. Their monthly payment automatically happens through Membership.

    – We set up 3 corresponding ProSites levels & only allow the corresponding Membership level to signup for a site (actually hiding the non-corresponding ProSites sign up pages through Membership).

    Use case: a member on our ‘Gold’ plan would see the content we want ‘Gold’ members to see on the site (through Membership) & only be able to access the ‘Gold’ ProSite features. If they want to upgrade or downgrade their membership level, I suppose we have to manually handle altering their corresponding ProSites permissions (not ideal, but I’ll work with it, if I have to).

    Any ETA on a proper integration of these plugins? I have to imagine this is a very common use case & it’s kind of a big bummer that we have to use workarounds to accomplish :slight_frown:

    Appreciate your advice & feedback!!

  • Kimberly
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    You can definitely use Membership for recurring subscriptions. :slight_smile:

    And you seem to have a great idea of the approach you are looking for. You are also correct in that you will have to manually edit the ProSite Level once the member upgrades via Membership.

    I don’t have an eta on integration, so sorry.

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