Membership Pro2: Custom Subscription URLs

I have asked this question previously of Membership Pro before it became Membership Pro2 -- and now I find myself having the exact same issues.


Our websites are training for students who have obtained an invite code (ref: They are then able to log on to our website and gain access to material that is hidden from random visitors.

Since we really only have two levels (membership: invite code and visitor) there is only one "subscription" that students need to see when they register for our site. In the previous set up, students would receive an invite code in their welcome packet an be told to sign up for the website at their leisure. They would then go to and click on the register tab. Here, the register tab DID NOT list the current subscriptions, but instead was ONLY the form for registering for the exact and particular membership level.

Essentially, this step eliminated the need for a Memberships *page* and standard registration *page* to be created. Instead, we created in our top level navigation a custom link and titled it registration. (this cut out students having to click through various pages and buttons, as well as not feel that they were going to AGAIN have to purchase access to the site -- which they had already done."

The previous custom code was as follows:

In the previous Membership Plugin, this link would allow students who registered to AUTOMATICALLY see the registration form and AUTOMATICALLY be registered for the correct subscription (in this case, 4).

How do I recreate this custom link in my navigation now that this past link has been broken?

Where do I find this link?

Do I have to write it myself? [previously a tech just did it without any in depth explanation]

Is the new "subscription" the same as the id found in membership short code?

I am overly frustrated that I am losing students and having to issue refunds because I've been forced to use a new plug-in service that seems to not have been properly tested. If someone could PLEASE get back to me so that I could have students back up and running and working on the website, I would be most appreciative.

  • Atkotech
    • Recruit

    Hi Amy,

    Could you not create a standard membership & make it visible so that users can see it & available to register from your site but restrict the visibility of the registration form to those users you want to have access to? For example your visitors cannot see it unless they are a member after receiving the invitation code & have logged in. At that point they can see the registration page. Is that an option?


    • Melissa
      • Flash Drive


      That is a good suggestion, however since I am trying to bypass the fact that users see subscriptions/memberships at all, I'm not sure how effective it would be.

      We don't want people to be able to "register" for the website unless they have already gotten a membership code, regardless of what membership level they are at currently. Effectively, this would mean that those that stumble across the site would see X type of information (unaware that there are tab and other pages hidden). After trying to register and noticing that they need an invite code, they email us (there is a note saying "don't have an invite code? email us at __________ to find out more information!) and then we set them up with the information off site and one - on - one. After getting the code, they can then sign on and access the extra information.

      This would mean that all the users in the back end of wordpress are either 1) those developing and editing or 2) registered students whom we have already made contact with one - on - one.

      Thank you for the suggestion though; I hope it will workout for someone else having a similar issue.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @Amy

    I just replied to your other, identical, question here:

    As for the other issue about the Invitation Codes addon, I have also flagged that as a bug as seen in my reply on that other thread.

    Also, while I do understand the frustration that you may be feeling while dealing with these issues, I must ask that you create only one thread for any single issue. Creating multiple support threads for the same issue(s) invariably leads to duplication of efforts by staff & other members, and that has the adverse effect of actually slowing down the support we can offer you (not to mention the confusion that can often result).

    Thanks so much for understanding!

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