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I am configuring membership site using the Membership plugin.
We need a few extra fields at registration so I've installed Buddypress to use the extended profiles.
The registration is working fine with the additional fields.

I have problem with the modify profile though - I used the shortcode [accountform] - however it's not outputting any of the additional fields configured through buddypress for people to update. Is there any way of making these appear?

I checked out the default buddypress profile set-up but I'd rather just have all the options on 1 page for people to update, buddypress seems to have the information in separate sections

Also I upgraded the plugin to the to the 2.1.2 release from 2.0.7 - using the [renewform] shortcode no longer provides option to cancel subscription, it just says that the subscription is automatically set to renew. Is this normal or just a problem with our installation? If that is how it's supposed to be how do we link to the option to cancel the service?

  • DavidM
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    Hi onlinevis,

    The shortcode doesn't integrate the BP profile fields at this point, I'm afraid. You could potentially include that shortcode on the same page you're using for your Members page in BP I imagine. It wouldn't be quite so seamless, but it's just a thought.

    I'll go ahead and move this to the feedback forum so we can have a closer look at that with the developers and perhaps get other member's thoughts on it.

    The upgrade changed a few things but I don't believe the cancellation options should be gone. Could I get you to create a new thread for that in specific? It'll help the developers to focus on that distinct issue.


  • Asparagirl
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    I would really, really like it if the additional fields could be integrated into the "modify profile" shortform and page! Please, can you add this to the next release? It seems like an obvious functionality for the Membership plugin and I'm surprised it's not there already.

    (Well, you said you wanted "other member's thoughts on it", so here they are. :slight_smile: )

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