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I activated the membership directory on my multisite install, and everything seemed to be great, except that when I click on the member's name/picture, I am sent to Page Not Found page. I was just wondering why that would happen and what I can do to fix it. I really want this plugin for my will give me that extra 'social' feel I'm looking for. Thanks!

  • DavidM
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    Thanks sharesteading for confirming that. The latest version mentions a fix for rewrite rules so I wanted to be sure that was covered.

    I can't seem to replicate this locally, so I'm not quite sure what's occurring here, but there's a few things we can check to start with.

    Could you make sure the members in the list have at least one post or comment? The installation guide mentions it would display a "Member not Found" message if a member has no posts or comments but I'm wondering if that's what's occurring here. Could you try and create a post using one of those members to see if that's the case?

    If that doesn't resolve it, the other plugins you mentioned that work alongside the Members Directory, could you try disabling them momentarily to see if that resolves it? They're not actually required for it to work, so it would help to see if they're causing the trouble.


  • Mason
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    Hiya sharesteading,

    Just took a look at your site and it appears this is all working correctly now. I'm going to mark it as resolved, but if you have any further difficulties feel free to re-open and we'll continue with the troubleshooting.


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