Membership Questions

I have several questions about Membership:

Why does my [subscriptionform] page look like this (see Screenshot3)?

Your documentation on this plugin is horrible (no offense). Can you please explain how the "Membership levels" works when entering a subscription? Based on the text "These are the levels that are part of this subscription and the order a user will travel through them", I assumed you were supposed to add the current level in addition the lesser levels. But when I did that I got multiple "Subscribe" buttons on an individual subscription option on my sign-up process. I can't seem to duplicate it, but I also had a problem where I would open up [accountform] it would list all subscription levels, but there was no upgrade ability for higher levels. The reason I can't duplicate it is because now when I log in it doesn't even show all of the options so there is no way a person can upgrade. Finally, something weird is happening when I go to "All Members". Under the Membership Level column several members list multiple subscriptions...and one of the people has one of the subscription levels listed twice (Free Membership, Free Membership), while under the Subscription column that same user has (Free Subscription, Gold Subscription).

Why can't I change the membership level for my primary admin account? I can give full access to other users, but I'm stuck at a bare minimum access level for my admin.

Is there no built-in functionality for a person to logout? This is just regular WP, not BP, and I've used your login redirect plugin to send people to a page other than the Dashboard. I think the dashboard is just confusing to people (because there is no obvious way for them to get to the actual site after logging in), so having them logout through the dashboard isn't an option. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.