Membership recurring billing is charging incorrectly

OK here is the scenario:
We have a few different types of memberships taking place on this site, but they are all the same intervals, just different pricing for each.

The first month's payment is typically a larger payment for us.
What we have found out is happening is that the customer is charged the correct amount on the day they sign up for a membership. That initial price is coming from the first level of the membership which is set to "finite" at 30 days. SO: this means that they should be charged that initial payment the day they sign up and never again.

The second payment (which is less) is set to take place as soon as that first month ends and run "Serial" and charge the same amount every 30 days!

The initial payment is taking place as soon as they sign up but then charging that same amount in exactly 30 days when it is supposed to transfer to the next level (which is the "serial" portion) at that time. When i look at the transactions in it is saying that the serial portion of the membership will be charged 2 MONTHS after the initial payment.

It is possible that i am not understanding the terminology but it does not appear that way based on the language within the plugin itself.

Please help!!!
If you need editing access, please let me know and I will grant it right away.

Please and thank you