Membership register page not respecting BP registered components slugs?


I’m trying to integrate the invite anyone plugin by Boone Gorges, however, it seems that when I set up Buddypress registration using the membership register page (and leave the buddypress register page undefined) there are some issues, namely with the invite via email portion of that plugin. The invite anyone plugin works by sending an email link to an invitee in the format:

This works with the Buddypress register page, but returns a 404 when the Buddypress register page is not defined and Membebrship is instead enabled. The plugin seems to properly register itself as an active component for the slug invite-anyone so I’m not sure if this is a Membership issue or not.

For membership to function you must disable wordpress registration and use membership only, correct? The only access rules I have in Membership are a “no-access” rule with the following URL Group in the negative rule:$

And a “general access” rule that is blank with no negative or positive action items. I assume by the documentation that membership does nothing if there are no rules for a subscription access level which is why I opted for that scenario.