Membership registration page doesn't have subscription info

Hi There,

I have 5 sites currently using WPMS and BuddyPress. I had set up the Membership plugin on one of them and tested it out a while ago before setting up the other sites and when I clicked on "Register" in the top left, it took me to a subscription page that showed the subscription options, then you pick an option, and go to a registration form.
Last night I realized that only one of my sites does this now, the others go straight to the registration form and that page is about 30% the width it's suppose to be according to my template. I have checked and rechecked that all the settings are the same throughout the sites, but still not looking right, here is an example of things working correctly:
and here's an example of what my other sites look like:

Not sure what's going on here, have disabled some plugins but with no avail, so I reinstated them (especially since it does seem to be working on one of the sites).

I can email a username/password to your system if you need to come in, for some reason my support access never seems to work.