Membership ROLES

I've been hassling and researching 2 days to fix this simple problem by trying ALL possible combinations (without changing or modifying codes).

Here's what I'm trying to do.
WITHOUT your plugin, I have created 4 roles that each has automated a coupon code attached to.
-Gold 10%
-Platinum 15%
-Diamond 30%
-Evarnia 50%
Everything works great, BUT I installed membership 2 pro for me to be able to sell these 4 roles. Now when I make 4 membership types (Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Evarnia) it doesn't change the buyer's role to those specific roles I put.
WHY I need this, you may ask?
Because with your plugin, the role of registered users are registered as default (Subscriber) The plugin forces me to ALLOW subscribers, because if not, it won't be applied to any members. All I need is to give exclude subscribers. I want to sell the ROLES, not only their capabilities.