Membership scenario? setting membership areas on seperate network sub domains.

Hi there guys,

I’d like to know how if this scenario is possible, as I’ve got a way down the line and now am stuck :slight_smile:

What I’d like to do is to have people signup for 3 levels of membership on the main site of the network, so all the admin etc is done on the main site.

The membership levels then want to be delivered in a subdomain, so once signed up the registered folks get sent to their appropriate sub domain for their membership level.

I want to do this as we have subdomain for different types of customers that we work with… so signup for Teacher Development membership and you got to Alternatively sign up for Corporate membership and you get directed to

I’ve installed membership and network installed – done the basics, set-up the pricing levels etc, but not sure how to do the last bit of redirecting and access to different subdomains.

Anyone any thoughts? Help!