Membership: Separate out Subscription Plan signup on separate pages (Affiliates-related)?

hi Team - congrats on the 100k milestone.

I have Affiliates integrated with Membership. I am finding that in order to have an Affiliate account, a user needs to have a Membership.

Other than "stranger" level, I only have one Membership level - a $17 lifetime membership for a service. I don't want someone who only wants to be an Affiliate to have to pay $17.

So, I get that the obvious solution is to have an Access Level called Affiliate, and then a free "Affiliate" Subscription Plan. All that is well and good.

What I do not love is having a Signup page where a user has two choices: (1) pay $17 for a membership or (2) earn $7 on every signup as an affiliate. From a marketing standpoint, combining these two calls-to-action muddies the water - Affiliate signup should be distinct. Its why sites with Affiliate programs put a separate link/signup in the footer, and not right next to what they are selling.

So the question is: how do I separate out Subscription Plan signups? The obvious answer would be the Signup shortcode with an attribute in it, specific to the plan you want to sell. But i don't think that exists, which means I'll be waiting months and months. Can you think of any other workarounds, even if it involves some manual process?