Membership Settings


I am trying to get a memebrship set up. Basically I want a one page to be used for clients to download PDFs and I do not want everyone to access it.

I have created 2 Levels
access to full site excluding secure page.
access to full site including securepage.

and I believe you need to set up 2 subscriptions that use those levels

Free Subscription ("access to full site including securepage.")
Not Free ("access to full site excluding secure page.")

I have set the

A "stranger" is a visitor to your website who is either not logged in, or does not have an active membership or subscription to your website.

Use membership level
***access to full site excluding secure page.***
I made a new page and selected it as the registration page.

If I test and go to the register page and do a test sign up I get to this part on the page

Step 2. Select a subscription Please select a subscription from the options below.

I have seen a screenshot on another post that it should be something like a paypal button or free subscription. I viewed source and did not see anything off in space.

So my question is....How do I get from sign up to select subscription and then back to I would assume the registration page with a thank you message.

On this last step when they complete the picking subscription. I am going to add a link to another page that is visable to the user that signed up and added to the level "access to full site including securepage."

I am very lost on how to get this to wor. Any help is appreciated. This may be a dumb question, Is there a tutorial on how to set up a membership or video?